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How does a coaching session with Emanuel and his team work?

Emanuel and his team of coaches will advise you via phone, Skype, WhatsApp or face-to-face in the Berlin practice on all your relationship and dating questions, so that you can be hands-on in solving your relationship challenges as quickly and as directly as possible. 

Our special feature: We offer relationship consulting and coaching for individuals!

Of course, if desired, we also offer classic couples counseling with both partners.

What can you expect from your coaching session?

Classically, we start with an individualized first coaching session, which can last from 45 minutes up to 2 hours. You will receive:

An individual case analysis (including feedback on your relationship patterns and your own relationship style in love).

A clear and honest assessment of your chances, so that you know exactly where you stand, which will give you more peace and clarity.

Support in deciding which path is the right one for you.

An individual strategy with clearly formulated next steps, texts, preparations for discussions and actions, so that you can avoid painful mistakes from now on and improve your situation.

At least three exercises tailored to your unique case, in order to build you up step by step and help you reach your goals more successfully.

Whether and how much coaching you would like to make use of following your first session, you and your coach can then decide individually.

Does our coaching fit your specific situation?

Every case is different and this is exactly what the Emanuel Albert team coaches, with their years of experience under the daily supervision of Emanuel Albert, are specialized in. You are guaranteed to get help from us, even if:

  • You and your ex have common responsibilities, like children, a shared house or property… We know how challenging this is. We deal with these issues every day.
  • You are going through an ugly separation and marital disputes.
  • You were broken up with completely out of the blue.
  • You’ve been cheated on and lied to.
  • You cheated, lied, or screwed up in some other way.
  • Your love is unrequited.
  • You’ve been single for a long time, but you want to be in a relationship.
  • Your romance or affair unfortunately will not turn into a relationship.

Why does coaching with the Emanuel Albert Team promise results?

Emanuel has been helping people achieve happier relationships as a relationship and communication coach for over 15 years. He is known as a TV coach and author of several successful guidebooks.

In order to be able to help even more people, Emanuel has built up a competent team of coaches, psychologists and psychotherapists, who have been personally trained by him to become relationship consultants according to the Emanuel Albert Method and who are in daily contact with him.

For you, this means: a lot of experience, professional competence, and tried and tested exercises within the framework of the successful Emanuel Albert Method to help you with your relationship and love issues! It also means very specialized know-how, best practices and proven techniques, which our team will adapt to your case during the personal conversation, so that you can reach your goal step by step. We understand that every case is different and unique! 

How much does the initial coaching session cost?

In all these years we have found that the best results are achieved when you take the project – be it getting back your ex, getting out of the friend zone, letting go of an ex, coping with heartache etc. – really seriously and when achieving this goal is worth something to you. Unfortunately, we have never experienced that a quick tip or a hasty action leads to the desired goal. And: Emanuel and our team also want to help you reach more relationship happiness and success not only in the short term but also in the long run, because that is possible if you know how.

Trial offer: Initial coaching session with an Emanuel Albert team coach via phone (duration 40 minutes!).

Costs: only 148,80€ (VAT included). Attention: Currently we are giving +5 phone minutes for free as a special get-to-know-you-bonus if you book an appointment now!