Emanuel Albert, graduate computer scientist with a minor in psychology, communication coach, relationship coach, mediator and author.

My worldwide vision is to help as many people as possible reach more happiness in their relationships, to help them find their dream partner and/or reunite with their ex-partner.

I have trained a team of coaches, psychologists and psychotherapists to become relationship consultants according to the Emanuel-Albert-Method, in order to be able to help even more people every single day!

Whether in my practice in Berlin, via telephone coachings or in my numerous guidebooks:


How did I become a coach and relationship consultant?

It all started with me giving relationship tips and ex-back advice during my school days. I have been giving seminars and coaching alongside my studies since 1996. And since the early 2000s I have been working as a dating expert and relationship coach. In the beginning I was officially helping managers and salespeople as an executive and B2B coach to improve how they managed employees and sold services, relationship coaching happened “unofficially”.

In 2010 I built up a first “win your ex back” consulting team as the main coach for an internet platform. I created guidebooks for relationship issues and was in front of the camera for over 1,000 videos, focusing on the topic of ex-back and resolving lovesickness. The two topics go hand in hand.

In 2011, the first inquiries came from radio and television. Finally, in 2013 I officially “outed” myself as a date doctor and relationship coach with my blog DateDoktorEmanuel.de and the corresponding YouTube channel. The media inquiries increased. Since then I have been sharing my dating and relationship knowledge on the German and Swiss radio, the TV and the internet. As the DateDoktor I am a regular on Sat1 Frühstücksfernsehen and also appeared on 3Sat, ProSieben, RTL, ProSieben Schweiz or ZDF, in addition to smaller stations. My main topics are always dating, strengthening relationships, conquering the ideal partner or winning your ex back (examples from German TV incluce: “Comeback unter Palmen”, or Ex-Zurück im Urlaub, Mein perfektes Date, Ich suche dich, Mona Lisa, 30 Minuten Deutschland).

Since 2015, Emanuel-Albert-Coaching has continued to grow. All Emanuel Albert relationship coaches and “win your ex back” advisors follow my long-standing philosophy on how to get back together with your ex-partner.

I have learned and seen that this is possible myself and will not stop sharing my experience. That is why we are doing everything we can to keep on publishing new texts, videos, audio-content and Instagram posts in order to make this important vision come true.

I am happy that by visiting my website you are contributing to this enterprise, this vision and I wish you all the best on your path!

Sincerely, Your Emanuel