Knowledge about Relationships, Love & Dating

Since 2003 Emanuel Albert has been helping people to win back their ex, save relationships, get out of the friendzone or find their dream partner.

Which two groups of clients do I have?

Group 1: Clients who are all about relationships. Most of them come to me after a separation, suffer from lovesickness and want their ex back. Some also contact me when things start to get difficult in their relationship.

Group 2: The unhappy singles. Here we often work on finding out why one has been single for so long and simply cannot find a suitable partner. If the reasons are clear, I help identify suitable partners, give tips for flirting and prepare you for your dates.

My main goal is:

To help people experience happier relationships!

With all the understanding for where you currently stand, I want to find out what you need most and support you in a targeted way.

On my website you will find articles that will provide you with knowledge about relationships. I have also included many concrete tips and exercises.

The best results are achieved with personal coaching! Starting in 2010 I have built up an experienced team of relationship coaches. For a coaching appointment please contact our team here.

All the best, your date doctor Emanuel


Emanuel Albert

I have been workin as a dating and relationship coach for more than 20 years. Every day my team and I help clients reach more happiness in their relationships. Our vision is to turn relationship problems back into love! To achieve this goal I developed the successful Emanuel Albert Method.